Fundraising For Your Skater


Fundraising is an excellent way to help offset some of the costs incurred by figure skating. Sports can be expensive however, with the fundraising opportunities we provide with the skating club you can help make it a little easier on the pocket book !

Fundraising within our club is done strictly as an optional opportunity and is independent, meaning that the fundraising you do goes to your skater or can be for a synchro team if your skater is on the team! The fundraising you do is tracked by our administrator. You can use your fundraising for skating tests, competitions, travel costs associated with skating (for the skater only), skating apparel, skates, registration fees in person and online etc. We ask that when you are requesting your fundraising amount that you submit a form (provided by our administrator) along with the original receipts and a cheque will be made out to you. When you are collecting orders, please have the individuals pay you and submit one cheque or cash from yourself to the club.

In the past, some of our fundraising opportunities have included:

Panago pizza coupons – buy a coupon for $10.00 and you get $4.00 to your fundraising account

Purdy’s chocolate – approximately 25% of your order (less taxes) goes to your fundraising account

In addition, we’ve done pointsettia and Purdy's chocolate orders at Christmas time, spring flower baskets, meat orders etc.

Ideas could be endless… unfortunately at this time we do not have a fundraising coordinator on our executive (we do have a partial committee of 3 people but no head), and would appreciate it if someone would like to step forward and assist us with this. This involves attending a monthly meeting, bringing fundraising ideas forward to the executive, organizing & distributing/gathering fundraising orders in conjuction with our other committee members etc.

Any questions/comments please let me know,


Mary Jane Holmquist (chair of LFSC)