The Junior Program is for skaters who have progressed through the Junior Academy or Late Entry Figure Skating programs and are developing more advanced skills. These skaters are working on Star 1-3 Freeskate. Prospective new members are welcome, but must contact Debbie Beukers before registering.





The most important piece of equipment for a beginner or experienced skater is their skates. 

Skaters enrolled in STARskate programs needs strong skates with proper figure skating blades. Some department store figure skating blades have the bottom toe pick removed and skaters cannot attempt basic skating moves such as jumps or toe steps or basic exercises. Only specialized Figure Skating shops carry skates for suitable for developing figure skaters. In the Vancouver area, you can find the following businesses.

Skater’s Edge: Suite 10-145 Schoolhouse, Coquitlam, BC V3K 1C8
Leading Edge/Cyclone Taylor: 1005 west 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 2P7SKATE SHARPENING



For proper fitting skate:

o Ensure that the space at the back of the heel is no more than a pencil width.

o Skates should fit snugly around the ankle and heel with some room for movement of the toes.

o There should be no looseness or creases in the boot.
o The tongue should be well padded and the wide enough to cover the front of the ankle and stay in place.

o Laces should be loose over the toe and front of the foot, while snug over the ankle and instep.

o Walk around in the skates off the ice, they should feel comfortable.





o Always wipe your blades completely dry after skating.
o Never leave your skate guards (hard guards) on your skaters for any length of time.

o Protect your blades from each other with a towel or soft coves when carried in your skate bag.

o Don’t leave your skaters in your bag overnight. They need time to dry out properly.

Re-sharpening of skates should occur after approximately 24-30 hours of skating time.It is important that skates are sharp and well cared for skates. All skaters are required to wear skate guards. All STARskaters should have their skates sharpened at figure skating shops only.




o All skaters need to wear warm but tight fitting clothing. Dress in layers. 

o No jeans should be worn by any skater at any level.
o No scarves

o SKATERS must wear proper athletic skating wear. NO HOODIES, or baggy clothing. As well as all Skaters must have their hair securely tied back. Failure to dress appropriately for your own safety means that you will not be allowed to participate in that session.