Senior Program  

Langley Skating Club’s Senior Program is for skaters working on STAR 5 and beyond. Skaters must have passed their STAR 4 Program test to skate on a Senior Session (skaters may also be permitted based on a Skating Director’s discretion). Skaters within the Senior Program typically compete and test throughout the year (tests and competitions are additional charges).  

Langley Skating Club’s Senior Program offers a Team Coaching environment, with a combination of private lessons, semi-private lessons, development classes, and off-ice training. Sessions offered include:  

  • Freeskate Sessions – development of jumps, spins, program components, and solo choreography. Artistic solo training can also take place on Freeskate sessions.  

  • Dance Sessions – development of skating technique, timing, accuracy, and musicality.  

  • Skills Sessions – development of turns, power, control, and field movements.  

  • Open Sessions – can train any of the above disciplines on open sessions.  

  • Development Sessions – development sessions are large group sessions with 100% coach-directed time and can focus on, but is not limited to training in; power, artistry, edges, turns, jump technique, cardio, field movements etc.  

  • Off-Ice Sessions – development of strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, jump technique, etc.  



It is highly recommended that Senior skaters skate on a combination of Freeskate sessions, Skills / Dance sessions, Development sessions and engage in Off-Ice sessions to train their craft in a holistic manner. Contact a Skating Director for recommended sessions for your child’s personal development.  



  • Long hair must be neatly tied back or in a bun.  

  • Skating dress, skating skirt, or stretchy clothing. Jeans and sweaters with hoods are not permitted.  

  • Professionally fitted figure skates. Nearby figure skating shops include Skaters Edge in Coquitlam (604-521-5550) and Cyclone Taylor in Vancouver (604-264-9261). See links below: